journal Of Statistical Sciences
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Statistical Institute issued a scientific journal semi-annually in order to increase the dissemination and exchange of research achievements of scientific and statistical studies, both on the theoretical or practical level,a refereed scientific journal supervised by the editorial board and an advisory body composed of professors from the Arab region, specialists in the fields of statistics,It is also listed in the field of statistics by which is considered the approved source of bibliographic and publisher information for more than 300,000 patrols in all areas and have a serial number (ISSN 2519-948X) is recognized by the international body with jurisdiction. The magazine is interested in the following areas:

  1. Statistical theory.
  2. Statistical indicators.
  3. Arab Statistical Systems.
  4. Mathematical Statistics.
  5. Statistics and Information Technology.
  6. Means of data collection.
  7. Inspection.
  8. Economic Statistics.
  9.   Population and social statistics.