Statements of Registration
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Registration instructions

The Institute, in accordance with its general objectives and within its annual work programs, conducts various short-term training courses and workshops to qualify Arab employee in statistics and related fields. They are mainly directed to national statistical offices either through central training activities at the Institute's headquarters with the participation of participants from all agencies or through local courses as per the needs of each body and within the limits of the systems in force.

In accordance with the regulations in force, the Institute shall bear the costs of one participant from each country To be officially nominated through the Central Bureau of Statistics in the state to participate in the courses, workshops and seminars organized by the Institute, It includes travel, accommodation, living and administrative expenses. The Central Bureau of National Statistics of any Member State may nominate other participants and bear the costs of travel, subsistence, living and movement of their own.

For disseminating the benefit of the central training courses to the largest possible number of interested people in the Arab countries, especially from government departments, self-financing institutions, universities or individual participants, the Institute welcomes candidates from these categories according to the availability of seats in the course and under the following conditions:

  1. The Institute approves the nomination based on the required conditions and qualifications.
  2. The participant or the entity to which he belongs shall bear the cost of travel, accommodation and subsistence allowance
  3. Payment of the participation fee of $ 500 for each week / course in exchange for administrative and social services such as documents and the use of equipment, rest houses, social activities and invitations.

Those wishing to participate should fill out the questionnaire prepared for this purpose after selecting the appropriate course from the list of courses. Candidates from the statistical bodies must attach a formal registration questionnaire and a passport copy.