Board of Trustees
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The Board of Trustees (BT) is the supreme authority of AITRS and assumes the responsibility of developing its overall policy and regulations in addition to planning and monitoring its programs and activities as well as overseeing its technical, financial and management work.

The BT is consisted of the central statistical offices of the member states and presided periodically according to the alphabets of the Arab states. The Director General is the rapporteur without having the right to vote. The BT has an internal bylaw by which it carries out multiple tasks and functions, including the following:

1. Endorsing all AITRS bylaws and regulations as well as amendments, additions or replacement of any of these bylaws and regulations.

2. Appointing the Director General in accordance to item (a) of article 11 of AITRS statute and determining his/her salary, allowances and termination of his/her post.

3. Developing the general policy of AITRS activities, endorsing its annual work programs and training curriculum, monitoring their implementation and providing related feedback and guidance.

4. Approving AITRS annual financial budget and final accounts

5. Approving AITRS annual recruitment plan and recruitment for technical positions and auditing of annual accounts.

6. Discussing and adopting the annual report of the Director General on AITRS activities.

7. Approving the agenda, venue and date of BT meetings.