regional workshop on Population Characteristics within the SDGs Framework 2030
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Sunday, April 22, 2018

AITRS and the UNFPA Regional Office in Cairo had been cooperated with the US Census Bureau, to organize a regional workshop on Population Characteristics within the SDGs Framework 2030 that been held in Amman / Jordan during the period 22-26 April 2018. During the official opening ceremony of the workshop, Mr. Abdelaziz Maalmi, Director General of the Institute, spoke about the importance of SDGS because they all ultimately serve the human element and the natural environment. All international and regional organizations have agreed to cooperate to support capacities and to establish a common platform for achieving these goals, He pointed out that the subject of the population touches most of the goals and each goal has a population aspect. This indicates that the general objective aimed at two main things: the first is that the human being cannot achieve the goal of development and the well-being of humankind without it; the second is the cost of each goal it should not be achieved, At the expense of the natural environment. All these goals aim to achieve a balance in development. From this point of view, the international level of thinking was due to the existence of a statistical number for each subject, because without figures, it is not possible to formulate a clear vision that will help achieve the expected objectives. The workshop focused on the following:

- Identify the traditional and modern sources that provide accurate data to measure the quantitative indicators of SDGs and report on the progress made towards achieving them. 

- Understand the strengths and limitations in various data sources that will be used to submit reports on the countries’ progress towards achieving the ICPD based SDGs.

- Focus on hands-on identification and extraction of data on various population characteristics. 

- Review the indicators on population characteristics and their different sources according to the SDGs 2030 requirements. 

- Create a template for a base year to help develop a national strategy that ensures the availability of all requirements needed for measuring the quantitative indicators of ICPD based SDGs up to the year 2030. 

Organizing this workshop comes in accordance with international policies and recommendations of the Statistical Commission of the United Nations as well as the recommendations of the officials in the Arab world. It was attended by 16 participants representing 15 countries: Jordan, Bahrain, Tunisia, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Oman, Iraq, Palestine, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen


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