Regional Workshop of Arab Development Portal on "The Development of a National Platform for Monitoring and Reporting the SDGs "
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Monday, April 23, 2018

The Institute participated in the Regional Workshop of Arab Development Portal on "The Development of a National Platform for Monitoring and Reporting the SDGs ", which took place on 23 April 2018 in Beirut. This workshop comes as part of efforts to strengthen the capacities of the Arab statistical offices and national committees to ensure mechanism in support of institutional measures that help in the production and uses of SDGs indicators.

As part of its mission to facilitate high-quality data access to a wide range of users, the Arab Development Portal organized a series of training workshops to enhance the national capacities of national statistical offices in Arab countries to improve the quality of their official statistics, to facilitate their use to meet the needs of citizens seeking high-quality data.

The expanded discussion included more knowledge on national needs for data production on SDGs and follow-up on their indicators in order to assess progress, meet the needs of statistical offices in detail and explore innovative solutions for developing national reporting platforms that take into account the organizational structure of each country. The workshop presented the best practices and discussed the most successful solutions, including the presentation of the monitoring tool for the SDGs developed by the Arab Development Portal, while avoiding the costly and non-sustainable solutions of managing and sharing of In order to learn from the successful experiences, special platform developed by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Platform (ESCAP)  and the National Statistical Office in the United Kingdom was presented. The basic legislative structure affecting the sharing of data between the various producers in the countries concerned was also discussed.

The workshop was attended by representatives from national statistical offices, the ministries of planning, investment and international cooperation or ministries responsible for the preparation of SDGs reports, as well as representatives of UNDP, UNICEF, ESCWA and some of the development supporting funds.


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