ERF 25th Annual Conference: Knowledge, Research Networks, and Development Policy
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

At the invitation of the Economic Research Forum and in cooperation with the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Director General of the Institute, Mr. El Hadi El Saidi, participated in the ERF 25th Annual Conference: Knowledge, Research Networks, and Development Policy on 10-12 March 2019 at the Arab Fund in Kuwait. The annual conference of the Economic Research Forum is an important event at the regional level, bringing together a constellation of economists, distinguished researchers, decision makers and representatives of international institutions from within and outside the region.

On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the Economic Research Forum, the Forum organized the second day of the Conference a plenary session entitled "From Policy to Data: Data Access Initiative in collaboration with national statistical agencies. “This initiative addressed the importance of the role of data in decision-making, in the presence of the heads of national statistical bodies, researchers and heads of international organizations, as well as a meeting to discuss ways of collaborating with national statistical bodies, Director General of the Institute during his interventions on the importance of cooperation between the Arab statistical agencies and the Economic Research Forum to provide the individual data to the researchers for the benefit of all parties from researchers, statistical centers and decision makers, provided as it within the framework of statistical laws And its respect for the basic principles of official statistics. He recommended that these forms should be handled in a transparent manner by showing the goals and objectives of obtaining individual data as well as organizing training sessions for the statistical agencies in the techniques of Hide identity, and that AITRS  plays an important role in this field.

On the sidelines of the forum, the Director General met with the officials of the Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development. He thanked them for their support for the activities of the Institute and the provision of a funding line during it the Institute continued to play its pivotal role in supporting the capacities of all Arab statistical agencies and improving the quality of its statistical production. He also briefed them on the Institute's program for the year 2019 and informed them of the start of the completion of the strategic plan of the Institute for the period 2020-2024. The officials Fund's stressed on the importance of the Institute's role in raising Arab capacities and competencies and their continued support of the Institute to achieve its objectives and readiness to contribute to the financing of the Strategic Plan when it is prepared after study by them.

Mr. El Hadi El Saidi also met with Dr. Hussein Al-Talafah, Deputy of the Arab Planning Institute at the Institute's headquarters in Kuwait, during which he discussed means of cooperation and unification of efforts in all fields of Arab capacity building. The two sides stressed the need to proceed with the drafting of a memorandum of understanding in preparation for signing an agreement between the two institutes.

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