Measuring Poverty in Arab Countries
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Tuesday, July 23, 2019 to Thursday, July 25, 2019

The regional workshop on poverty measurement in Arab countries, organized AITRS in cooperation with ESCWA and the National Institute of Statistics in Tunisia, was launched in Tunis on Tuesday (July 23). This workshop falls within the framework of a programmatic work of ESCWA and AITRS in the field of lifting and building Arab capabilities and statistical contribution to the provision of statistical data to achieve the 2030 goals of sustainable development.

The Director General of the Institute, Mr. Hadi Saidi, presented the importance of this workshop and the diligent work that preceded the technical preparation of the topics presented by this workshop. He pointed out the importance of cooperation and coordination with regional and international partners in this field, especially ESCWA, which is working to support coordination and integration with them to unite efforts and exploit the possibilities available to the two organizations, He pointed out that the workshop will address a number of topics such as the distribution of poverty data and a study on the difficulties of data distribution in household surveys by sub-groups of population and geographical areas. He also indicated that poverty and inequality statistics will be presented in the context of sustainable development goals. As well as measuring multidimensional poverty as well as several important topics on poverty in Arab countries.

The head of the Department of Demographic and Social Statistics at ESCWA, Marwan Khawaja, spoke about the importance of measuring poverty in the Arab countries and the importance of figures for the policy makers and planners in the Arab countries. He gave an overview of the program objectives and results to be achieved. Stressing the need to provide the necessary technical support to the Arab statistical agencies to provide statistical data to follow the goals of sustainable development and the completion of scientific studies in the field of poverty and equality. He also stressed the necessity of cooperation and coordination with AITRS and the international organizations sponsoring the indicators of sustainable development goals.

In his speech, the Director General of the National Institute of Statistics in Tunisia pointed to the importance of this workshop and the topics that will be presented, as well as the importance of cooperation among organizations to support the capacities of the statistical agencies in this field. In addition, the importance of working towards further consolidation of Arab efforts in the field of methodologies and the collection of statistics on poverty indicators.

The workshop, which will last until Thursday 26 July, brings together participants from the statistical agencies of the Arab countries from Jordan, Bahrain, Tunisia, Djibouti Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Egypt, Mauritania and Morocco, as well as experts from several international and regional organizations interested in studies and research on poverty

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