AITRS Visit to the General Authority for Statistics in Saudi Arabia
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Monday, October 21, 2019

Invited by the General Authority for Statistics in Saudi Arabia, the Director General of AITRS visited the headquarters of the Authority to review the program of transformation and the national statistical strategy, where he discussed with the President of the Authority, Dr. Fahd bin Sulaiman Al-Tkheifi and his deputy, Dr. Abdullah Al-Batel. The relationship of the Arab Institute for Training and Statistical Research with the Arab statistical agencies and regional and international organizations and how to benefit between the various parties to ensure the effectiveness of the Institute's contribution in the field of raising the capacity of statistical workers. It was an opportunity for both sides to stress the need to support joint Arab action in the statistical field and to support bilateral and multilateral cooperation among Arab statistical agencies through the Institute playing a pivotal role in this regard.

Director of the Institute, Mr. Hadi al-Saidi also briefed on how the Commission's work to prepare for the strategy of their own and methods of follow-up and implementation, especially that AITRS is preparing a 2020-2024 strategy in line with the sustainable development objectives of the 2030 plan and posed challenges to the statistical services in terms of production, quality and reporting on indicators. The Director General also had several meetings with the various technical departments of the Authority to be acquainted with the way of work and exchange of experiences.

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