Regional Workshop on Disability Statistics for the Arab Region
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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Launching of the Regional Workshop on Disability Statistics in Arab Countries

The Regional Workshop on Disability Statistics for the Arab Region, organized by AITRS in collaboration with the ESCWA, the Washington Group on Disability and ILO, kicked off this morning in Amman.

Mr. Al-Hadi Al-Saidi, Director General of the AITRS, stressed during the opening session the importance of this workshop in the Arab region in terms of exchanging national and regional experiences and facilitating cooperation within the region to produce data for persons with disabilities better. In terms of availability of data for monitoring and evaluation as well as poor quality of administrative resources to obtain comprehensive and frequent statistics


Also he stressed that the definitions and reforms related to disability and the intensification of training and exchange of experiences and best practices among Arab statistical agencies should be united, praising the great efforts exerted by ESCWA and Washington Group in the field. The Director General noted that it is advisable for Arab countries to use many of the evidence produced by the United Nations and the Washington Disability Group on questions that are included in household or household surveys

Mrs. Nada Jafar, Head of the Statistical Policies and Coordination Unit of the Statistics Division of ESCWA, stressed during the session that this issue is considered to be one of the important files in terms of statistical as well as because it is humanitarian and social. Ms. Nada also presented the subject of the workshop and its objectives and indicated that topics related to new measures related to the performance of jobs among children, comprehensive education and work, and coordination and improvement of the production of disability statistics in the 2020 census and future household surveys will be addressed.

The latest good practices from countries implementing standardized methods and guidelines for disability data collection, alternative sources of data collection, proposals for coordination of the monitoring framework and draft terms on disability statistics.

  Ms. Jafar praised the role of the Institute in this subject as the race was held in the Arab world to hold several training workshops related to disability statistics during the past years.

It is worth mentioning that the Institute and ESCWA hailed the fruitful cooperation in all fields through the joint organization of several training activities and forums to support the activities of Arab statistical agencies and stressed the need to continue this coordination and cooperation in the future.

The workshop will be attended by experts from the Washington Group on Disability and the International Labor Organization (ILO). Tunisia and the Supreme Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Jordan

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