The 13th Meeting for Directors of Statistical bureau of the African Union
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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Director General of the Institute, Mr. Hedi Saidi, participated in the 13th Meeting for Directors of Statistical bureau of the African Union, which was held in Tunis, Tunisia, 17-23 November 2019. A number of interest statistical topics to the African continent were discussed, including establishment of the African Institute of Statistics, which will be hosted by the Republic of Tunisia and the African Center for Statistical Training. AITRS will participate for the first time in this meeting to introduce its activities and programs and seek new horizons for cooperation in African space. Considering that, 10 African countries are members of the Institute since its establishment in 1977 until now.

Mr. Hadi presented during the meeting a presentation on the new Institute strategy of the 2020-2030 and work program for the next two years 2020-2021 approved by the Board of Trustees at the regular session of the beginning of the month in Amman, 44 November.

Director General of the Institute called on regional and international organizations to cooperate with the Institute through a joint organization of training courses for the 2020 program.

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