High Level Seminar on the Future of Economic Statistics for the Arab region
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Sunday, January 26, 2020

AITRS  participated in the  High Level Seminar on the Future of Economic Statistics for the Arab region on 21 and 22 January 2020 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The aim of this seminar is mainly to provide a platform advisory for the Member States of the United Nations in the ESCWA and the Arab region on the priorities of the conceptual modernization of the system of economic statistics, in addition to working to identify gaps in current initiatives on the modernization of the conceptual framework, and to discuss whether the infrastructure management and governance exist this solve these Priorities, as well as to ensure that future needs are met in an efficient and effective manner.

 The following topics were address in future relation of economic statistics:

1. responsive and relevant system of economic statistics.

2. The institutional transformation, new methods, services and roles

3. A governance structure that ensures a responsive and relevant system of economic statistics

4. Re-building of economic statistics in post- conflict countries.

This Seminar produced an agreement on a regional framework for priorities, statistical infrastructure and governance that will assist in the global debate process and the report of the Statistical Committee to be organize in New York from 3-6 March 2020.

The Seminar also represented an opportunity for the Institute further link the regional and international organizations. The Director General of the Institute met with the Director of Economic Research and Institutional Education (ERIL) the Islamic Development Bank and agreed to exchange training programs and study a joint organization of a number of them with technical and financial contributions from the Islamic Development Bank.

As well as he met with the Director General, Mr. Essam Samak, Regional Advisor to the International Monetary Fund METAC. They agreed to further coordination to support cooperation between the two institutions through the provision of experts in the financial and economic field and to contribute to the financing of part of some of the training activities of the Institute and help countries to overcome some of the problem related to the field of statistical activity METAC. countries to overcome some statistical problems related to the field of METAC activity.

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