Statistical Commission Fifty-first session
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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Director-General of AITRS participated in the  Statistical Commission Fifty-first session on 3–6 March 2020 held in New York, attended by heads and directors of statistical agencies from around the world, and representatives of United Nations statistical organizations and bodies involved in statistical work. Many important issues and topics related to economic, population, social and geographical aspects are discussed, most notably data and indicators on the post-2030 Sustainable Development Plan, open data, the use of big data for official statistics, the management and updating of statistical systems and the basic principles of official statistics, and the latest developments in a wide range of statistics.

The Director General of the AITRS also attended some of the events held on the sidelines of the meeting organized by specialized organizations, which aims to increase communication, exchange knowledge and contract agreements between organizations, which facilitates the institute to obtain technical support in the implementation of its annual program and the holding of activities in the activities were held in cooperation with those organizations.

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