Development of Manual and Workshop on Implementation of the Manual for National Monitoring of ICPD Based SDGs
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Wednesday, June 26, 2019 to Thursday, June 27, 2019

Development of Manual and Workshop on Implementation of the Manual for National Monitoring of ICPD Based SDGs

Amman, Jordan

June 26-27, 2019



In October 5-6, 2015, the Arab States Regional Office of UNFPA (ASRO), with the participation of League of Arab States and ESCWA organized a high level regional workshop for an Arab Regional Task Force on “ICPD based SDGs priority indicators in the Arab region” in Cairo, Egypt.

The workshop was attended by some (60) participants from a number of Arab states, ASRO, UNFPA HQ, League of Arab States, UN-ESCWA and representatives from UNFPA country offices in the Arab region. The list of participants included senior officials from national statistical offices, population commissions, line ministries, parliamentarians, regional and national research centers in addition to regional and international experts.

The Arab Regional Task force reviewed SDGs Indicators and adopted 39 ICPD based SDGs priority indicators. UNFPA/ASRO in collaboration with AITRS adapted a guidance tool for national monitoring and reporting on ICPD based SDGs indicators. This tool needs further technical inputs to make it a manual for guiding countries in collecting, monitoring and reporting for ICPD based SDGs indicators, to be further refined by AITRS. Recognizing the regional technical capacity and the immense convening power, and building on previous collaboration, ASRO selected AITRS as implementing partner for 2019.

The technical capacity of AITRS will also be utilized in capacity development of selected technical officials from Arab countries in operationalizing the manual after its completion.

Expected Outcomes of Partnership:

  • AITRS is expected to produce a manual for national monitoring and reporting on ICPD based SDGs;
  • Participants are well acquainted with the 39 priority indicators and their meta-data;
  • Participants are fully familiarized with the new manual and are able to use it at national level;
  • Participants are equipped technically to impart acquired knowledge to national counterparts for effective utilization of the manual;
  • Improved knowledge of good practices and experiences on use of multiple data sources for monitoring ICPD based SDGs;


Tasks of AITRS:

UNFPA/ASRO shall provide financial and technical support to AITRS to implement two key interventions as follows:

  • Review the recently adapted tool for monitoring and reporting on ICPD based SDGs and develop an appropriate manual to be used by Arab countries in monitoring and reporting on ICPD based SDGs learning from the 39 priority indicators and their meta-data. AITRS shall finalize the Manual by May 25, 2019.
  • Organize a hands-on training workshop on the use of this manual for technical officials from Arab NSOs. The workshop shall be led by AITRS and resource persons from ESCWA and the regional taskforce shall be employed.

Tasks for UNFPA

UNFPA/ASRO shall provide funds for the two tasks and shall provide technical inputs for the deliverables.


The workshop shall target technical staff from NSOs in Arab countries who are engaged in the analysis and reporting of SDGs implementation in their respective countries, preferably those who participated in April 2018 Workshop (List of Participants Attached). In addition, UNFPA National PD focal points from Country Offices staff shall participate.

Workshop Proceedings

The overall purpose of the workshop is to present and review the manual to be used for national monitoring and reporting of ICPD based SDGs to enable effective national use. The workshop will be an opportunity to enrich it from field experiences and best practices. The final version of the manual will be printed and disseminated after the workshop. The workshop shall be interactive and of cross learning in nature. The manual use should learn from practical experiences of participants through active participation and involvement. Presentations as well as individual and group exercises shall be used as modes of engagement with participants. The 39 Priority indicators and their available meta-data shall be shared with participants for hands on training.


Participants shall be provided with travel ticket and DSA in accordance with AITRS standards. 

Workshop language

The workshop will be conducted in Arabic language. No translation will be available.

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